When asking where to surf in Sri Lanka, the best area of the country to surf is the southwest coastline with Hikkaduwa , Hirikeiya,Mirissa beach being the main surf area at this time of year.

Hikkaduwa may well be the answer on your fellow traveler’s lips. Located in the southwest of the island it’s one of the best-known surf spots in the country, fancy cafes, parties, good vibes everywhere in paradise.

 but still keeps its charm. During the months of November to April

 In Esat coast 

Arugambay whisky point will have perfect surf points!

On the Southwest Coast, there is such a great variety of waves to choose from nearby that you can avoid the worst of it if you’re willing to drive around a bit to check the various breaks for the smallest crowds.

Getting around in Sri Lanka is always an adventure. You can see lots of amazing wildlife right off the roads, from peacocks to monkeys, to elephants if you’re lucky.


Hikkaduwa is one of the most developed surf tourist towns, originally a fishing village now – busy for surfing and scuba diving are the main attractions. Some good nightlife if you are after a party.

There are a number of local breaks and waves can be 3ft to 10ft when they are working.

Benny’s – left hander, reef break – works well over 6ft and for experienced surfers

Main Reef – left and right handers – deep reef so relatively safe

North Jetty – long lefts, reef break by the harbour wall

Beach Break – sand and reef shore break – safe and great for beginners

If you’re an advanced surfer you might even find yourself scoring Rams Right barrel with only a handful of others out since there are a lot of beginner and intermediate surfers around who won’t be too keen on surfing a fast hollow shallow reef break.

The water temperature in Sri Lanka ranges from about 80 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit or 27 to 29 degrees Celsius all year long. So be prepared to enjoy all those board shorts and bikini sessions, although you might want to wear a rash guard from time to time for some extra protection from the powerful sun.

Getting to the Surf

Hiring a tuk-tuk driver is the easiest way to get to the surf in most cases and also part of the fun of surfing Sri Lanka. Most hotels and resorts will be more than happy to help you sort it out. Or you can always chat and negotiate prices with local drivers yourself.

If you don’t use tuk-tuks to get around, try to stick with someone who is experienced with driving in Sri Lanka as you will quickly learn that the roads are chaotic, to say the least. Think Mad Max without the explosives. Okay maybe not that bad, but let’s just say everyone from tuk-tuk drivers to bus drivers pull seriously erratic and risky maneuvers… especially those crazy bus drivers.

From budget accommodation to luxury, you can find it in Sri Lanka. To give you an idea of potential costs, here are a couple of examples of what you might encounter on a daily basis during the peak season. Whatever route you take budget-wise, you will also need to consider the cost of transportation to and from the area you plan to visit (which we’ll cover in the transportation section below).

Low Budget

You can easily find accommodation in the peak season for under $15-$28 USD per night. These places will be very basic and some of them get air conditioning at this price. You can eat street roti at 100-150 rupees or about 50 cents as a common snack and go with to rice and curry dishes at local restaurants for lunch and dinner at around 400-900 rupees or $1.50-$2.50 USD per meal.

If you want to get away from your nearest break to surf other waves a tuk-tuk ride will run you around 900-3000 rupees ($6-$20 USD) round trip for a few hours of surfing. Add in $3-$4 USD for your daily beer budget and you’re golden.

Low budget breakdown. Room: $15 per night
Snacks: $3 per day for roti and other snacks
Meals: $5 per day ($2 per meal)
Transportation: $6 per day
Beers: $4 per day
Water: $1 per day

Grand total: $39 USD per day 

Mid-Range Budget

You can find mid-range rooms with air conditioning and breakfast included in the $30-$90 USD per night range. You’ll still want your fix of roti and street food. Meals at nicer restaurants will run 800-1500 rupees or $2-$4 USD per meal. You might take some longer or more frequent tuk-tuk rides and pay a little more for drinks at nicer restaurants.

Room: <$30 per night
Snacks: $3 per day
Meals: $10 per day

Transportation: $15 per day
Beers and coffee: $8 per day
Water: $2 per day

Total: $73 US per day


Ah, the finer things. Always a nice option if you can swing it. For those of you with a little extra jingle, Sri Lanka has some really incredible hotels and surf retreats on offer.

We had an awesome stay at an all-inclusive surf and yoga retreat on the Southwest Coast called Soul & Surf Sri Lanka. From yoga lessons to delicious food to transportation, everything is included and taken care of. You can check out Soul & Surf here.

Grand total: around $200 USD per day and up.