Economic Crisis 2023

Sri Lanka’s economy and how they face the economic crisis.

 Sri Lanka is a very prosperous country which has many resources all around the island!! The main income sources are here is apparel manufacturing, the tourism industry, and the agriculture industry(Ceylon cinnamon, Ceylon tea, coconut products, and many more) all around the island have a fishing industry that could get a big international market! If you eat a mango and throw the seed somewhere it will grow in a few months in Sri Lanka, all year through tropical weather! No off-season for tourists if they want to explore beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and lagoons in another side history, culture, architecture, or Buddhism!!

 When the crisis hit the local community, was really hard for everyone. No electricity per day 10 hours, no fuel for weeks, no cooking gas for months! But with the new president now we have everything as usual! The young generation did a massive attractive silent protest all around the island which could kicked off the most powerful president in history after Britain gave the freedom! The unity of the people’s power was so strong! Under the new president electricity and fuel Supply were stabilized! The average price compared to other countries in Asia is still sri lanka cheap for Europeans and Americans! When the crisis time in 2022. 1$=360 lkr highest rate in history. 240lkr=1 $ 2021 Before 2020 it 141lkr=1$ Food and fuel prices gona high more than 6 7 and many times of something! And now they facing huge tax cuts not excepting future additions! The inflation rate was very high before the end of 2022! But in 2023 may it is going to stabilize little by little! but its still hard for everyone. 

 In now 2023 August many Europeans, Englands, Australians, Russian and Indians are on the way to explore the beauty of Sri lanka and now it makes a big hope in the younger generation who still stay in the country if something does not happens in the future economy will be stable with comparing to 2018. and tourism industry grow again as earlier. 

Is it safe to travel Sri Lanka?

Absolutely it’s a fully safe country, After COVID and the economic crisis Sri lanka had to face very big challenges in living. in 2023 everything is now as usual in the essential supplier chain, but the lack of medicine is coming to the top. food prices go higher than 4 or 5 times, 

For traveling there are no restrictions and it’s an absolute paradise. 

Do they Have food?

 Yes, Sri lanka is a cultivated country that is home to delicious fruits and foods, sea foods.  with the crisis, food prices getting increased but restaurants and cafes are open everywhere.

Does Sri Lanka have Electricity? 

The first step in the crisis they have a power cut for more than 6 Hours per day, But at the End of August they managed to reduce it to a maximum of 2-3 hours per day two times

 in 2023 electricity supply was stabilized and continually working.


mid of 2023, have a big waiting queue for fuel and now the government has introduced fuel passes and now wait 10 minutes and anybody can get fuel, especially foreigners They don’t want to stay in a queue, they will get the front of any line quickly,

And if you need to rent a scooter or car, you can get a fuel pass in the airport specially made for foreigners.

in 2023 August , its normal situation for get fuel

Trains are scheduled and public buses are on the roads now,

The fastest and most efficient way to travel around Sri Lanka is to book a private car and driver from point to point (you can do this easily via your hotel), but do not expect the prices to be dirt cheap as fuel prices are not significantly lower than elsewhere in the world, and the standard of living and wages is fairly high. but 200km can cost anywhere from US$  80 to $100. Cabs and cars are extremely comfortable modes of travel. They are efficient and flexible with rentals you may have the opportunity to drive yourself or have a driver who speaks English with local knowledge well. It will usually end up being more expensive than hiring a driver day by day since you need to pay for your driver’s accommodation as well (they stay at a very reduced rate, some areas have driver accommodations for them free or less than 12$ ). Hiring a private driver for the entire trip is usually best if you have a set itinerary and are planning on zipping around the island a fair bit and taking in the sights.

during your time together, the Driver or Guide will get to know you and your interests and will be able to customize the itinerary for you. You don´t have to spend the time to find a new driver every time you want to go somewhere. And you know up front approximately how much you will pay for transportation and save time!


Train travel is popular in Sri Lanka as it is cheap and reliable traveling by train in Sri Lanka is an incredibly cost-effective and picturesque way to get around, and many people believe it’s an integral part of the overall Ceylon travel experience.

If you are short on time, you should opt for hiring a car and driver between most of your destinations. To get to fully experience the landscape and the local culture of traveling in Sri Lanka, I highly recommend taking a train ride or two.

The highlight of taking the train is the scenic beauty. Railway lines which were installed during the British rule in 1864, often cut through forests, with magnificent views of either beach and sandy shore or waterfalls tea plantations mountain ranges, depending on your excursions. It is advisable to be early at the train station, and always be careful while boarding to train, if you have a specific seat booked. Be patient and wait for 5 minutes after the train arrives to get on. occasionally the public is well kept zero discipline when boarding to train.

The train is an excellent and cheap way to see the beautiful scenery of Sri Lanka. Especially the routes Kandy – Ella or Nuwara EliyaColombo – Kandy, and Colombo – Galle are stunning and highly recommended. or the other way around. They are all stunning!

The only thing is that the Sri Lankan trains are very slow and often delayed, so if you are short on time, you should not rely on trains as your primary transportation to see Sri Lanka

A new luxury train service for tourists will run from Colombo to Badulla to inhale the pure climate through the lowlands to mountains within 3 hours, after you are stuck in the window definitely by watching waterfalls, tea plantations, and evergreen mountains. the railway system in Sri Lanka was initially built in 1864 by the British to transport tea and coffee from the Hill Country to Colombo for shipping internationally.

Passengers who wish to travel on this world’s amazing train ride, now they could reserve their tickets online. Before 14 days in advance, you can reserve your seat with the comfortable air-conditioned watching gallery. 

Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk also known as three-wheelers can be easily hailed from the street. There are separate three-wheel parks in almost every town and every major street. Often, you barely have to look for them, instead, they find you. Most tuk tuks especially those operating in Colombo have am meter attached. And so, a fairly priced ride is guaranteed. If not always agree on a price before getting in.

Nearby every tourist attractive places have tuk tuk for rent, you can drive easily Tuk Tuk wherever you want to go. Its easier and cheap. And more fun!!! If you are traveling a short distance (under an hour) then a tuk tuk, or 3-wheeler, is the way to go. Riding in a tuk tuk is an experience in and of itself – just make sure you agree on a price with the driver before the ride.

Public Bus

Traveling around by bus is also dirt cheap, but not highly recommended because they drive like absolute madmen. It’s sometimes difficult with the backpack, but don’t worry, there is back cabbing and next to the front door has enough space for your backpack.

This is you must try an experience in southern cost because of it is called a crazy bus, they have very colorful inside and a big sound system,(it’s very different level in the music industry later we will tell you in detail) i advice as its very comfortable in the land side in mountains it is a bit difficult with bends, but it’s a
a very beautiful journey.

 Don’t forget to bring something to send away mosquitos in some areas in Sri Lanka, but I promise in a village or beach there is no Dengue. only annoying. But in rain seasons in towns where the water does not flow, And it’s not serious!

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