Best place to Eat in hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa become popular surf village from long ago. its became the most popular and relax beach village in sri lanka.The start of the beach near the main bus station and small harbor is typically busy in morning and evening, and towards to south there are dozens of boats that line the shore. there you can see big turtles too, this long beach situated beside the two big lagoons, from south and north, one is rally closed to the city and its called Hikkaduwa lagoon, and other south side lagoon called Rajgama Lake( lagoon) those are fully covered in mangrove and home for thousands birds and reptiles,
We recommend 4 or 5 days to explore hikkaduwa beach. There is best places to eat with different categories.

Happy Day Hikkaduwa(café & brunch)

Very modern place with offering good foods with live music /karaoke and good coffee.

Scollaps Beach restaurant (sea food)
Best seafood in town with pool facility to stay away from the sun and chill all day to see the beautiful sunset.

Friends Indeed

Sea salt society

Salty swamis (vegan)
vegan cafe for surfers with good vibes,

Coconut club
Good beach vibes in very calm area and good food.

Chill space (beach club)
Best cocktails on the sunset time

The beach Heaven(Seafood)

Bambini café

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